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Dealing with the Spirit Destroying Harbinger :

January 28, 2013


Greetings and Merry Meet ! Brightest Blessings to you All !


Alright Folks,  I just want to talk a little about some things that strike me as upsetting and I will forewarn that this may turn into a bit of a Venting Session … So “Shields Up” – Grin !

I have noticed that no mater how positive and uplifting or supportive a person can be for others … There is always a few that feel it their right and obligation to negetivly critique, or comment just for the purpose of trying to negate any promotion of accomplishment of positive self growth that humans are capable of striving towards ! Either because they legitimatly feel that a persons perspective in “Not Up to Their Own Personal Standards”, or that they do it because they themselves have a sevear lack of Positive growth oriented Solid Self-Image , or just those who do it because they desire to try to Control the issue at hand – because they are themselves “Out of Control”

… What ever their “Issue” or “Control Drama” is …. is really none of my business, I didnt ask for it, dont want it, and couldnt care less about it ! It’s THEIR Crap ! (Not Ours) But here is where the problem lies … These Harbingers of Spirit Destroying Doom Pray upon only those who will listen to them .. and resultingly be damaged by them ! (The Harbingers Know This !)

It saddens me when I actually witness this with friends that I trully care about, While I attempt to adhear to The Rede – Individuals that prey upon the Happy Souls of my friends certainly test my resolve and there have been times when I felt like asking Deity to Send these Harbingers  lessons that they are so intensly asking for ! .. But I don’t … and I shall tell you why ! I believe Deity knows about The Harbingers, and will deal with them accordingly !

I will not foolishly try to Co-Manage with Deity, that is beyond the scope of ALL Mortals, But I will Co-Create with them and try to Fix a Negetive Balance that The Harbingers have created in my friends … Friends will do this for their Friends, again, Deity will find a way of negating that if my friends Need The Negetive challenge in their lives to spur them on to perhaps even Greater Positivity, but not all my friends are sometimes strong enough to see the challenge and the positive lesson within it  – So those I choose to help !

As Pagans and Witches, we have such a Vast capacity for Healing … The Concept and ability sometimes blows me away ! I cry with Joy because I have just realized another strength that is Deity Given … And Incidents like that Instantly Validate The Path I have chosen, and identify to me that Positive Encouragement is a Magical tool for us ALL to work with !

Balance on The Playing Field of Life- is what we all have to work with ! Life (In My Opinion) should never be left in a state of imbalance ! Balance is an Order of Life itself ! I am not a Pagan Nobel Lauriette, or a Pontificating Sickophant Psudo Authoritarian with Diseased Reference libraries at my disposal, I am Mearly a person with a Intensity of Spirit, a Legitimate sence of Intuition, and a long tested Trust and Faith in Deity and my Spirit Guidance. and a Healthy compassion for my friends.  I will let you folks know right now The Relationship we all have with our Gods and Goddesses … Virtually Indestructable Guys ! But sometimes we get soo caught up in the mortal coils of this existance that we sometimes lose our place (or our Focus) … Hey …we may be Witches and Pagans … But we are also Human !

Anyway, If you witness a Harbinger, or Know a friend that has one hanging around … Do what needs to be done to Balance the Senerio ! Some of us are stronger that others, If we ourselves dont appear to be able to effect the balance,we should seek out one of our friends who IS strong enough and with sinceerity Ask for their Help ! Then trust that the balance will be adjusted and corrected !

Thats just my 50 cent’s worth, I sinceerly hope I havent offended too many people ! But if I have .. take a sec and ask deity Why you took offence about it ! …. I think you will be AMAZED at the reply you Get ! – Grin ! ❤ … Just Watch out for Spontaenous Lightening Bolts afterwards !

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  1. I thin fear and insecurity encourage many people to want to be in control or to indulge in one upmanship. If you can sooth the fear, the other stuff starts to go away, when that’s the case. Not easy to do, but trying to find stances that others don’t see as threatening can help them to help themselves. Tricky though.

  2. Thank you Nimue very true ! Non Threatening Stances promotes the idea that you are trying to appease as many viewers as possible that view your material without offending everyone … That coming from such an accompolished writer as yourself speaks to me about someone who has had to find creative ways to do that ! AND I Honour That ! and Applaude it as well ! You are an Intensly Compassionate Writer and I can see the understanding and compassion in your reply ! Someday I hope to endgender even a tenth of that Awareness, it will serve me well ! My own personal deamon tries to look beyond the replies and look for some hidden adgenda, I know that it is wrong, but years of being teased and emotionally toyed with has produced a Defence Mechanism that is a hard filtering system to circumvent ! (or Dis-Assemble !) I will always work on it That is a promise I made with Deity and I ALLWAYS Honour my promises … as you well know ! My Lifework will continue, I take my lessons where I can get them, but to recieve wisdom from someone I care about – is a motivation that no one should ignore ! Life is not just experiential … it is ALSO Instructional .. I just feel Blessed to have Friends with as intense Compassion as I do …Thank You ! ❤
    CONTINUE TO POST ..PLEASE ! Your Lifework INSPIRES Others .. Trust me on That one ! Not just your Writing ..which is True Life …. Which cant get any truer if Deity themselves tried to influence it further, but your whole life ! ….EVERYTHING !!! In life we are sometimes presented with Mentors that bear no resemblance with concepts that indicate Mentorship ! The Old Axiom …. "Wisdom …. Hidden within Plain Sight !" I Look forward to hearing from you again ! Thank You ! ❤

  3. This is an excellent post and something that I have dealt with recently. Thank you for having the fortitude to post this in the language and form that you have. Well done.

    • One of The Bennifits of being Special enough NOT to have a Library full of Content, and to have a strong enough Passion and Trust in my Connecton with Deity to Boldly go forth and Learn …. Thank you for your reply !

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