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My Personal Journey of Discovery

My Personal Journey of Discovery :

Hey Folks, Welcome and Merry Meet !  Brightest Blessings to you All ! If this Blog is sort of Short … please forgive me as I am still getting used to the whole concept of Blogging, both Simple AND Complicated, Lets start of with Who is Symbian … Well … I am a Pagan Style Witch who has recently gone through some pretty challenging life changes ! I saddly have just recently lost my Lifepartner this last Thanksgiving – due to a nasty genetc Liver disorder that my wife was born with ! It took about five years to fully manifest, and when it did, the both of us spent the next 5 years on a Hospital rollercoaster ride to try to deal with it the best way we could, in the end Cyndi my wife lost the battle, seemingly close to her being put on a Liver transplant  Waiting list ! hen that happened, I could no longer afford to rent the house that we were living in,so I had to move to a more financially suitable Basement apartment, shortly after I settled in , I lost my main full time job as a Security Guard at a Permanant site ! I am currently working 8 hours a week (Weekends Only) and am on social assistance to help pay for the rent (Which it Barely does  !) I am dealing with the loss as best as I can,  I was a Closet Pagan (Out of respect for my Wifes Christian Upbringing) but since my loss, I am consdering myself Out of The Closet so to speak, and am a Practicing Sollitarry Witch ! I Honour Both The God and Goddess the best way I can ! I am still getting used to Cellebrating The Sabbats, and working The Wheel of the Year ! My Closet “Path” was wrapped around The Morrighan an Irish Celtic Goddess, and her consort The Dagdha, who is an Irish Celtic God ! I have just recently just bought a book called Celtic Lore and Spellcraft of The Dark Goddess (Invoking The Morrighan) written by Stephanie Woodfield … AN AMAZING Book ! Never before have I been able to find such an intense an detailed literature on that particular Deity – so I am Embracing  it and absorbing it like an empty Sponge ! Anyway … Every Moment of every Day I am finding new ways to Honour, Worship and Cellebrate  Deity, I trully feel that I have developed a relationship and a repor with my practice, and am confident that my learning curve is proceeding at the speed AND Volume that it Should ! I believe that ALL PATHS ARE VALID, and having said that I will Learn from ANY source that presents itself !  Anyway … That is all I can think of presently to  blog about, but before I close this particular blog down, I want to give a Shout-Out to ALL those friends that have choosen to hang with me through all of  my turns in the road less travelled,

Mojo, and Sparrow from The Wigglian Way Podcast, Raven (Much Love), Nimue, Darkly Fey – a Podcaster that has now podfaded from the podioverse, and of course all my Adopted family on my wifes side, and All of you ! Much Love to you all !! ❤

May Deity Cradle you in the Palm of Their Hand, and help you to learn as gently and as painlessly as possible , hopefiully experiencing  all the Joy and Love that you are capable of Percieving ! So…Untill Next time   … Merry Meet, Merry Part, and Merry Meet Again ! 

    <3Blessed Be ! ❤

Symbian  (Shaun)

  1. valkyrieravens permalink

    Well done Shaun! A very great start on your coming out of the broom closet! May The Blessed Mother watch over and guide yoiu always. Many blessings to you. )O(

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